Hello, I am Katie.

Human Resources Manager, Claims + Customer Service Trainer, Office Manager, Accountant, Photographer, CEO of a Single Mother Household.
I have worn many hats throughout my career, all of which have beautifully melded together to give me a uniquely well-rounded resume to spearhead this community project.


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Embracing the spirit of the Co-op

We North Dakotans are no stranger to the cooperative model. Many rural area like ours face unique challenges that only someone that lives here can understand. So when things get tough, in the best interest of the collective we gather together and make it happen. Though Just You Studios itself is not a cooperative, our membership model embraces the spirit of the cooperative and operates under four basic principles that very closely model that of the cooperative.

In my opinion, the local creatives of Bismarck/Mandan, with their drive for growth and change combined with those good ol' ND values, have exactly what it takes to promote change and model a new approach to how the industry utilizes commercial studio space.

The 4 Principles of the

studio membership model

Voluntary membership + participation

Autonomy + independence of members

Access to education, training + information

Cooperation + respect among members


Just You Studios was named back in 2011 on a dream of someday creating a network of photography studios for collective use. Not simply studio spaces, but complete studio workspaces where you can show up - just you, your client, and your camera, to a creative and beautiful space designed by a photographer for photographers.

You (just you) are in charge of how far you can take your dream. But that doesn't mean you have to do it alone.

This is your village.

this is your space

A membership based model allows all members unlimited access to any of the Just You Studios shared workspaces, offices, and amenities on a monthly basis, not just during your studio rental.

designed with you in mind

Each area was designed with your needs in mind, from strategically placed outlets in the studios to processes and policies that protect each member's interest.

You belong here

Our membership community and staff consists of the most talented, supportive, and growth-minded creatives that work together to have fun and make things happen.


bye to the lease

Gone is the scary long-term lease commitment, cost, and responsibility added to your plate.

Our membership model takes that long list of expenses and consolidates it into a single monthly cost you can plan on.

get $hit done!

A place to go where you can feed off the creative energy in the shared workspace when you're brainstorming your yearly marketing plan; a desk in the corner where you can focus during busy season, our spaces provide what you need, when you need it.

Our Recipe for Success

Credit based membership model

The photography industry ebbs and flows like any other business, creating months that you require studio space more than others. By utilizing the credit system, you are able to use your credits for premium services that fit YOUR needs.

The flexibility of the credit system allows you to use your credits for what you need this month - studio time, meeting room reservations, continued education classes and workshops and more!

And if you run out of credits? We've got you covered with credit packages to supplement your balance.

Purchased credits never expire!

Commitment Options for All!



*No commitment





Full-time members can upgrade to a resident membership for more ownership=type benefits.

These limited memberships include lockable office and storage space, and 5 extra credits (for a total of 20 credits) and much more!