Themed Photography Studios Model

Themed Studios are built with specific niches in mind. The Loft on Main could very easily be mistaken for a beautiful home in an old industrial building downtown including a common open-concept living/dining/kitchenette, an inspiring office and meeting space, a boudoir, a nursery, a large family room for entertaining, bathrooms, storage, and even laundry.

Each designed for a specific session type in mind, stocked with everything you would need for that session, but with the freedom to do with the space what you will.

If your budget for equipment and gear is tight, but your vision and capacity for collaboration is huge, this may be the right fit for you.

Just imagine the possibilities!

Dedicated Spaces Model

If sharing a space with others concerns you don't worry, we'll show you how great it can be. However, there are many reasons that a private space is the right model for your business.

The dedicated model will include a shared workspace designed in a co-working office vibe for all members to access, a large open event space available for rental, as well as multiple smaller dedicated spaces that will be rented on a monthly basis using credits.

Why put this out there yet if it's not an option? Well, we believe that the themed model is the crucial first step to welcoming our members into a community of creative and supportive entrepreneurs such as yourself! Being open to the shared model, knowing this is in the works is your ticket in! Current members are given first "dibs" on dedicated spaces once this location is established.

which model is for right you?

themed studio model

Resident Membership

A resident member in this model would typically be an established member in a specialty, or looking to establish a specialty and would benefit from

  • access to a space that is includes the props, lighting, + equipment needed for your specialty
  • a budget for prop inventory for the studio
  • private lockable desk + storage in shared office/storage designated for resident members at your location
  • ownership benefits on studio rental to non-resident members

This model is for the leaders and shakers. Those that work well with others and embrace the spirit of what we are trying to do here. The resident members are the faces of their location in this model, so the more you are able to embrace the membership model and open your studio to non-resident members, the more beneficial this membership will be for your brand. And bottom line!

dedicated space model


A resident membership in this model would typically be an established member that requires more dedicated space or privacy for their business. This model allows you dedicated access to your space to

  • make it your own
  • set your own hours of business
  • controlled access to your things - store your entire inventory and supplies in a private space
  • operate more independently, while still receiving membership benefits.

Your membership allows you the flexibility to not only use just your space, but still have access to all other locations and spaces and benefits of membership. Just because you want your own space doesn't mean you aren't part of our village!