This is your workplace

You can work anywhere. You choose to work here because here, you are surrounded with like-minded creatives. All committed to their craft and exploring the individual value of their talent to better support the community.

Shared Workspace

shared workspace access - included

Each membership receives unlimited monthly key code access to the shared workspace area.

kitchen - coffee, tea + snacks - included

The kitchen area is for you to enjoy as your common break area while you work.
Included are a complimentary coffee and tea bar for both you and your clients to enjoy along with fresh fruit + light snacks.

wifi access, print + Copy - included

Connect to our secure wifi access to stay connected while you work. Our network copier/printer makes it easy to print your documents quickly and easily.

Your membership includes (100) b+w and (25) color copies per month.

Lockable Storage - 1 credit per mo

INCLUDED - Storage lockers are available for daily use while you are at the location on a first come first serve basis.

1 Credit per Month - Lockable storage cabinets are available for monthly use with your credits if you'd rather not have to lug your things back and forth.

everyone needs some space

On days where you are scheduled to meet with clients or just need to hyper-focus on your email inbox and return all those calls you've been putting off, dedicated spaces provide the privacy that you need.

Dedicated Spaces

Desk Reservations - 0.5 credit per day

[INCLUDED] Desks are available for use on a first-come-first-served basis.
[0.5 CREDIT PER DAY] Want to reserve a desk? You can use your credits to claim dibs for the whole day and we will reserve one for you.

Office reservations - 1 credit per day

[0.5 - 1 CREDITS] The dedicated office may be reserved on a half or full-day basis using credits.

This furnished office is equipped with a color printer and general office supplies for use during your reservation.

meeting room reservations - 1 credit per day

[INCLUDED] The meeting room is considered part of the shared workspace for you to use for client meetings or just a quiet place to focus. The meeting room is available to all members on a first-come-first-served (FCFS) basis unless reserved.

[0.5 - 1 CREDITS] Meeting rooms may be reserved on a half or full-day basis using credits.

The meeting room is equipped with plug-and-play technology to connect on the wall-mounted display.

client sales room - 1 credit per day

[0.5 - 1 CREDITS] Client Sales Room may be reserved on a half or full-day basis using credits.

The client sales room will be equipped with plug-and-play technology to connect on the wall-mounted digital display.

our studios work for you

It's why we're all here, right? Creating studio spaces for creatives is what we do, removing your biggest barrier and opening up a world of possibilities for you to grow your talent and business.

Studio Access

studio time - 2 credits or $50 per hour

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props + furniture - INCLUDED

Each studio is complete with furniture, props, lighting + equipment specially curated for that space and is always included in your studio time.

lighting, equipment + supplies - INCLUDED

Any lighting equipment located in your studio is available for use during your studio time at no additional cost.


During your session, a plug + play digital rotation of your logo and/or portfolio is available in each studio, customizing the space to your brand during your studio time.

Professional Resources

grow your business on your terms

Always Free Classes

We committing to keep a robust lineup of crucial trainings that every small business should have access to.

  • Networking + startup resources
  • Best Practices for Small Businesses
  • Banking
  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Business Etiquette
  • Safety + Compliance in the creative industry
  • and more!

Simply by being a studio member and participating in these free training events, your clients can be assured that they have chosen on of the most dedicated professionals in our area.


Common Interest Sessions


Professional Support + Networking


Training Series



Hands-On Workshops



Our studio locations allow us to facilitate training and support in the following areas to all of our members:

  • Photography Skills
  • Marketing + Branding
  • Business Skills + Training
  • Personal growth
  • Family + Community connection
  • and more!

Other Perks

community on a local level

By becoming a studio member, you are joining a community of local creatives committed to a progressive approach to collaboration and problem solving. In this community, you choose your path. We won't force you to participate but you will always be invited!

Network of professional resources

The more you engage, the more you will see a difference in the power of community in business.

be a part of something big!

With the success of many other coworking models around the world, Just You Studios will place the creative entrepreneurs of Bismarck/Mandan in the spotlight for the industry to model. In these times of uncertainty, we can model a new way forward, together.