Spending your credits

all-inclusive studio access

$100 per hour

$50 per hour 2 credits

Each studio will be equipped with lighting, furniture, props, and supplies included in your studio access. If it's in the room, you can use it!

Still learning some of this equipment? We offer FREE training classes on basic use and safety of all of our equipment and props.

premium studio add-on's

$25+ depending on item

$15+ per item 0.5+ credits

Anything you may need, we can figure it out!

  • premium backdrop systems + setups
  • second set of hands assistant services
  • off-premise equipment + prop check out
  • and more!

room reservations

$45 per 1/2 day
$85 per day

*includes day pass

$20 per 1/2 day 0.5 credit
$40 per day 1 credit

For those times that you need more space and a little bit of privacy.

client sales meetings

a quiet place to return phone calls

  • professional setup + quiet environment for zoom calls

desk reservations

$45 per day

*includes day pass

$20 per day 0.5 credit

Claim your favorite desk and we will make sure it stays available for you all day long as you come and go. No need for awkward conversations when you come back from lunch.


1+ credits

In this digital world, you can stream training from anywhere. The studio's creativity-inspiring space and training offering schedule makes it simple and keeps you motivated throughout the year on topics that matter to you.

Our ALWAYS FREE lineup of training provides our members access to critical safety + business information to protect our members and their clients.


1+ credits

Taking our training courses to the next level, guided event classes dive deeper into your craft with multi-session trainings (4-6 weekly trainings). The perfect opportunity to network and collaborate with new creatives.


4.0+ credits

Learn from the best and explore your talent with a hands-on learning model. Make sure you block off time though, these are some intensive sessions and may even have homework involved!

family + social

0.5+ credits

One of the perks of having your own commercial spaece is the flexibility to use it for personal reasons.

  • work + play family night
  • after hours game night + pot luck
  • yoga + meditation classes
  • coffee club networking
  • personal non-business reservations of the space
  • and more!