Strive not to be a success, but to be of value.

albert einstein


studio manager + founder

Katie B.

I feel like this whole site is "about me". I'll come back to this section! haha

Hello, I am Kiarah E.


I am a creative teen aspiring to become a early education teacher. I have a passion for anything "ART" such as social media, music, and photography.
I have always had an eye for the odd things in life that gives me a spark of creativity.
I am the oldest out of five kids.
-very complicated but I love them with my whole being!
-Two little sisters and two little brothers <3
I have a big heart and a sense for adventure!

inventory ASSISTANT

Hello, I am KAIAN E.

The engineering brain of the family, there is nothing I can't figure out. I stay pretty busy with hockey and streaming, so doing the back end inventory management is right up my alley.

B.E.E. family dynamic